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Video Game Violence and Trump

Are video games the root of all evil? There’s a meeting on March 8th at the White House with President Trump and “members of the video game industry to see what they can do on that front.” Let’s talk about video game violence and what is really the issue here. Prepare to get triggered.

Cryptocurrency Is Destroying PC Gaming

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs that GPUs are so good at mining cryptocurrency. Though if it was CPUs that were so effective we’d be paying more for those instead. Cryptocurrency is a really odd market that unfortunately steps on the toes of PC gamers in the process. For those that made bank, I’m sure they are really happy, but for me and every other gamer out there, I wish it was never a thing to begin with.17

EA Bows Down to Disney Over Battlefront 2

Disney’s head of consumer products and interactive media, Jimmy Pitaro, sent a letter to EA outlining Disney and chief executive officer Bob Iger’s concerns with the way EA was handling Battlefront 2 and the public perception of it. As mainstream media outlets began conflating the Star Wars license with gambling and outrage, it seems Disney began to take issue with Battlefront II being in the news for all the wrong reasons.