Xbox One Mouse and Keyboard Support Coming Soon – Could this be the death of Xbox?

Over the weekend, Windows Central got its hands on an apparent internal Microsoft presentation from earlier this year detailing plans for the impending rollout of robust mouse-and-keyboard support for the Xbox One. The presentation, which was developer-focused, suggested an April API rollout to developers ahead of a planned fall announcement of support for players. Great for player choice, but could this be the death of Xbox?

We NEED More Games Like Detroit Become Human

I would love to see more games like this. More games with a story. More games that give us choices. More games that make us feel as though we are actually a part of the game, and not just going through a series of motions. Too many stories are linear. Too many decide our path before we even start playing the game. Too many games are so focused on multiplayer. Too many publishers forget that there is still a market for a good single player game. We need more games like this. We need more games like Detroit Become Human.