The State of Call of Duty in 2018 – Black Ops 4 No Campaign – MW2 No Multiplayer

I want to talk about the state of Call of Duty in 2018. Another year, and another Call of Duty title is on the way. This year, it’s Black Ops 4. Now, it’s no secret to fans of the channel that I’m done with Call of Duty in general. If you want to know why, I did a video breaking down my love for the series, where it went wrong, and why I just can’t do it any more. And this years Call of Duty is more of the same. There’s no reason this game should be successful, let’s talk about why.

PAX East 2018 – Best Indie Game – Pixel Ripped 1989 VR

I spent the last 3 days at PAX East 2018 in Boston. I got to see a lot of great games, and there will be tons of footage coming to the channel soon, but without a doubt the best game at PAX this year was PIXEL RIPPED 1989. I’ve been waiting for a reason to buy a VR headset, and PIXEL RIPPED 1989 is that reason I’ve been searching for. This was undoubtedly the standout of the show for me.