Cryptocurrency Is Destroying PC Gaming

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs that GPUs are so good at mining cryptocurrency. Though if it was CPUs that were so effective we’d be paying more for those instead. Cryptocurrency is a really odd market that unfortunately steps on the toes of PC gamers in the process. For those that made bank, I’m sure they are really happy, but for me and every other gamer out there, I wish it was never a thing to begin with.17

Ready Player One Stacks in Fallout 4 – Build School

With the theatrical release of Ready Player One quickly approaching, I wanted to bring the stacks to life in Fallout 4. This is all done on console with no mods, though I did use three different glitches to finish this build. The settlement size glitch to go beyond the build limit. The rug glitch to get fences right next to one another with no gaps and also to get objects like stores tucked away neatly into other structures. And the store bottle cap glitch to fund some extra supplies when I was running low. I cover all of those towards the end of the video.